Is Life, a Circle or a Cycle?

I am sure many experienced the events being repeated or happening again in an exact sequence more than once in our lifetime. If yes, then read on… next 3 mins will be useful to understand the phenomena.

There is a difference between the feeling that an ongoing event now has been experienced by you and the events like career breaks or personal life events happening again in reality.

Ø The more you think about a situation or an event, most likely it happens.

Ø There is no concerted effort in changing the action from your side. The same action leads to the same intended outcomes.

Ø There is no expansion or change in your network of people.

Ø There is not much change in your ideologies and the friends, you hang out with.

Ø You are not taking any risky new decisions in your life

If the above points are not relevant in your case, there is a chance it’s just coincidental that certain events repeated twice in your life.

When you are better prepared and in good stead when compared to last time, then you are making progress, and high chance that the event is not going to happen next time.

if the event that repeats is a favorable one for your life, then your work is just half done. This time you need to ensure the favorable break or an event to be long lasting, unlike last time.

On the whole, if bad events or situations repeat then this cycle needs to be broken by taking efforts and seeking help from your mentor or a well-wisher who can suggest minor to major changes in your way of life.

On a concluding note, don’t believe in just luck/fate or destiny when you experience a good break or bad events. Our life journey is based on the chain of decisions we take and subsequently the outcomes we face and the way we handle them!

With Luv,




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vijay raghavan

A simple person who wants to do little things right to change the society for Good.